Renew RRC

We believe that God wants to invite our church body to His banqueting table and nourish us with a rich feast of His presence and deeper fellowship with one another. As we seek this renewal, one of the ways we would like to move forward is through an evening of sharing and discovery of the **gifts that are present among the members of our church. 
If you have interests or talents that you would like to experience or express with this church body, join us for an evening of community and worship!
Friday, October 13th
7-9 PM | Room 1
Bring a snack to share!
**examples of gifts to bring could be:
Drama, Music, Poetry, Painting, Visual Arts, Dance, Readings & Prayers, Contemplative Prayer, Prayerful Confession, Call & Response, Sign Language Worship, Prophetic Words, International Traditions, etc.