Need Help? Connect with a group that meets at Red River Church:
  • Saints & Sinners Synonymous: Sundays--4 PM
  • Prayer for Domestic Abuse:  First Monday--7:00 PM
  • Overeaters Anonymous: Wednesday--5:30 PM
  • Al Anon: Friday--7:00 PM
  • Hoarders/OCD Anonymous:  Tuesdays--7:00 PM
  • Abortion/Miscarriage/Sexual Abuse Recovery: Austin Life Change
  • Helpful Link:

Saints and Sinners

What is it?

A recovery program sponsored by this church as a way to introduce people to Christ centered recovery. Saints and Sinners also helps support those who are already in recovery groups like AA NA, OA etc. merge their recovery with their Christian faith.

Prayer for Domestic Abuse

 First Monday of Every Month || 7PM, Room 6

Join us as we pray to end the cycle of domestic abuse and for those in need of healing from domestic abuse.

Breaking Your Chains

Wednesdays, 7 PM

"Breaking Your Chains" (Glenn Brown's 25-session study)

The teachings are available at Glenn Brown Ministries and provide an insightful explanation of Biblical principles for ministering to those who need healing and deliverance (including ourselves!). They are concise and direct, and include case studies from his decades of experience.